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Author Topic: WTS - Full Rebuilt ZC31S  (Read 152 times)

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  • Suzuki(s) Owned: Swift Sport ZC31S
WTS - Full Rebuilt ZC31S
« on: June 07, 2018, 03:22:16 PM »
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  • Mega Option SSS, comes standard with HID Headlights, Recaro Seats and keyless entry, COE renewed for 10 years.

    Spent almost 3 years/>25k completing this project, looking to let her go to someone who appreciates the hard work spent building her up. (Fully Legal)

    Priced @ $55,000 (Renewed with 10 years COE), contact me at 9777 Seven66Seven to arrange for viewing.

    Full Details Below

    Engine Bay + Performance

    • Engine Top Block Work (Bowling, 45 Degree Valve Seat Angle, Grind Valves, Decking of Head)
    • Monster Sport High Flow Camshaft
    • Monster Sport Reinforced Valve Springs
    • Monster Sport 5.1 Close Gear Ratio Final Drive
    • Monster Sport Clutch Non-Asbestos + Pressure Plate
    • Monster Sport Clutch Push Rod
    • R's Racing Service Reinforced Release Shaft
    • R's Racing Service Reinforced 5th High Gear Kit
    • R's Racing Service Metal Head Gasket (0.4mm)
    • R's Racing Service Super Cool Insulation Gasket
    • R's Racing Service Magnetic Drain Plug
    • R's Racing Service Aluminium Battery Stay
    • R's Racing Service Engine Oil Filler Cap
    • R's Racing Service Titanium Engine Cover Heatshield
    • R's Racing Service Titanium Exhaust Manifold Heatshield
    • Samco Radiator Hose Set (Blue)
    • Samco Heater Hose Set (Blue)
    • Laile Beatrush Air Intake Kit + CAI
    • Blitz Racing Radiator Type ZS (42mm)
    • Okada Projects Plasma Direct Coil Packs
    • NGK Power Plug Cables
    • Supertune ECU Reflash (160 BHP Crank)
    • Engine Bay Dress-Up Stainless Bolt Washer Kit (Blue + Stainless Steel)
    • Custom VHT Wrinkle Spray Black Engine Block (Black)
    • Custom VHT Wrinkle Spray Intake Manifold (Black)
    • Custom VHT Wrinkle Spray Beatrush Piping (Black)
    • Custom VHT Wrinkle Spray Plug Cover (Blue)
    • Custom VHT Wrinkle Spray Fuse Cover (Blue) Custom VHT Wrinkle Spray Brake Pump Cover (Blue) Custom VHT Wrinkle Spray Coolant Reservoir (Blue)


    • Prodrive GC05-F 17 Inch Rims (Matt Black PCD 5x114.3 EA+39 7.5J)
    • Michelin Pilot Sport 3 (17/40/215)
    • Cusco Competition Sport S (F8R7)
    • Cusco Front Sway Bar
    • Cusco Rear Stabilizer Bar
    • Cusco Type OS Front Strut Bar
    • Cusco Type OS Rear Strut Bar
    • RunStop 4 Pot Caliper Front
    • RunStop Curve Slot 326mm Front Disc
    • RunStop Curve Slot 300mm Rear Disc
    • RunStop Nano Infinity Pads 700 Degrees (Front + Rear)
    • SuperPro Bushing Control Arm Lower-Inner Front + Rear Double Offset Bush Kit + Rear Beam Axle Pivot Bush Kit
    • SuperPro Sway Bar Adjustable HD Link Kit
    • SuperPro Steering Rack & Pinion Mount Power Steering Bush
    • Custom Spray Rear Caliper (Yellow)
    • Blox Sport Wheel Spacers (10mm PCD 5x114.3 60.1mm center bore) + 61mm Bolts + Lug Nuts

    Interior + Aesthetics

    • Monster Sport Lower Clutch
    • Monster Sport Petals
    • Monster Sport Footrest
    • Custom Lathe Werks 530g SS Gunmetal Extended Shift Knob
    • Custom Carbon Fibre Wrap Steering
    • Custom Carbon Fibre Wrap 2 Din Panel
    • Custom Carbon Fibre Wrap Gearbox Panel
    • Custom Carbon Fibre Wrap Clock Panel
    • Custom Black Roof & Pillars
    • Zeitronix LCD Display
    • Pioneer AVH-X5850BT
    • Galactio TLW-1 HD Navigation
    • DLS Reference RC6.2 Active Component Speakers
    • 2 Layer STP Doors Soundproofing (4 Doors)
    • 1 Layer Silent Oat Panel Soundproofing (4 Doors)
    • iRoad V9 Front + Rear In-car camera
    • Richburg Door Visor
    • Supremo Cquartz Finest Reserve (4 Layers)
    • Rikecool Premium 28 + Silver 60 Solar Film
    • Rikecool Headlight Protector Film

    Wear and Tear

    • Suzuki Original Starter Motor
    • Suzuki Original Window Surround
    • Suzuki Original Signal Indicator Switch
    • Suzuki Original Wiper Switch
    • Suzuki Original Valve Oil Seal
    • Suzuki Original Engine Mounting
    • Suzuki Original Gearbox Mounting
    • Suzuki Original Lower Arm (L+R)
    • Suzuki Original Front Shock Absorber Top Mount (L+R)
    • Suzuki Original 3rd Brake Light Panel
    • Suzuki Original Front + Rear Brake Hose
    • Suzuki Original Bonnet Heat Absorber
    • Suzuki Original Aircon Belt
    • Suzuki Original Fan Belt
    • Suzuki Original Radiator Fan
    • Suzuki Original Water Pump
    • Suzuki Original T Pipe
    • Suzuki Original Drive Shaft (L+R)
    • Suzuki Original Actuator (3x Dashboard)
    • Suzuki Original Cooling Coil
    • Suzuki Original Thermostat
    • Suzuki Original Front Top Grill
    • Suzuki Original Bumper
    • Suzuki Original Bumper Pillar
    • Suzuki Original Fuel Filter
    • Suzuki Original MAF Sensor
    • Suzuki Original Steering Rack Rebuilt
    • Suzuki Original Gearbox Synchro
    • Suzuki Original Rear Shock Absorber Top Mount (L+R)
    • Suzuki Original Rear Calipers Seals
    • Suzuki Original Alternator
    • Suzuki Original Bonnet Cowl L + R
    • Suzuki Original Bank 1 O2 Sensor
    • Suzuki Original Plug Cover Custom VHT Wrinkle Blue Spray
    • Suzuki Original Fuse Box Cover Custom VHT Wrinkle Blue Spray
    • Suzuki Original Brake Pump Cover Customer VHT Wrinkle Blue Spray
    • Suzuki Original Coolant Cover Custom VHT Wrinkle Blue Spray
    • Suzuki Original Clips (Exterior)
    • Suzuki Original Driver Door Latch
    • Suzuki Original Weather Seals x 4 Doors
    • Suzuki Original Weather Seals Boot
    • Suzuki Original Clips (Interior)
    • Suzuki Original Gearbox Drive Shaft L+R Seal
    • Suzuki Original Bonnet Front + Rear Weather Seal
    • Suzuki Original Front Left Scuff Panel
    • Suzuki Original Roof Antenna
    • Suzuki OEM Wheel Bearing
    • Suzuki OEM Aircon Condenser
    • Seiko Aircon Compressor

    Servicing Details

    • Ravenol SSO 0W-30 Engine Oil + Oil Filter (Every 7500 Km)
    • Ravenol LS 75W-90 Gearbox Oil (Every 15,000 Km)
    • Spark Plug (Every 30,000 Km)
    • Ravenol LGC Super Coolant (Every 30,000 Km)
    • Ravenol DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid (Every 30,000Km)
    • Cabin Filter (Yearly)
    • Air Conditioning Flush (Yearly)
    • Throttle Body Polish (Yearly)


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